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Changes to State Testing

Changes to State Testing

In 2016, Oklahoma began teaching more comprehensive academic standards, which required new, more complex assessments to measure them. The new assessments were given to students in spring 2017, and test results will be released in late fall 2017.

Salina Public Schools fully supports Oklahoma’s new standards, as they are designed to help students become more creative thinkers and problem-solvers, rather than simply memorize information. The new tests are designed to more accurately measure a student’s academic progress and readiness for college and career.

Why did Oklahoma change academic standards?  Read here for information. 

Note:  This year’s test scores will be dramatically different from previous years, and are not comparable.  Please see Superintendent Mr. Tony Thomas’s letter to provide context for your child’s test results. This year – 2017 – is a total “reset,” helping to establish a baseline measurement for college and career readiness going forward.


What Families Need to Know About New Test Results

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